About Us

SFO Capital Partners is a London-based global Real Estate Investment Manager with a reputation and track record of delivering superior risk adjusted returns to its private and institutional investors.

Our origins date back to the 1940s, and throughout the years, we have grown to become a diversified real estate investment manager led by a highly specialized international team with a combined experience of over 200 years and more than $25 billion of collective US and European real estate investments and asset management experience.

We leverage on the expertise and capabilities of our core team, our deep local market knowledge, our global presence and our strategic collaboration with demonstrated operating partners to source, acquire and manage high quality real estate assets.

We aim to positively impact communities by improving the living standards at the level of our assets through appropriate maintenance, refurbishment programs and active asset management. We particularly focus on environmental, social and economic impact by enhancing amenities and creating jobs.

Our track record shows repetitively and successfully delivering attractive returns to private and institutional investors by creating value through an active and hands-on asset management approach across various market conditions. Throughout the life of investments and at the different stages of the investment process, we abide by the highest standards of integrity while adopting best-in-class practices.

Our Values


Integrity is at the heart of our professional and personal conduct; we abide by the highest standards of transparency and governance.


We aspire to be best-in-class through our disciplined approach to investments and continuous improvement of our processes.


We are a diverse yet cohesive team whose success is defined by our collaboration and the complementarity of our skills.


We are firm believers in the power of relationships and human connections and are deeply committed to developing and sustaining long-term partnerships built on trust.


We abide by disciplined and targeted investment strategies focused on high-quality and well-located properties.


We act swiftly and decisively in increasingly competitive market environments without compromising on our investment process, convictions and values.


Achieving superior investor returns while positively impacting the communities that we operate in remains our highest priority.