Real Estate
ESG Policy

SFO Capital Partners is a London-based global Real Estate Investment Manager with a reputation and track record of delivering superior risk adjusted returns to its private and institutional investors. This cannot be achieved without consideration of environmental and social risks and the operation of robust governance processes to ensure responsible management.

SFO will also positively contribute to the ESG agenda in real estate. Commercial value add and opportunistic development strategies will incorporate environmental and social goals from the outset. This policy sets out the commitments we make, the process we use to enable implementation and approaches we will take to disclose progress.


Below, we set out our ESG commitments, relating to real estate activities, SFO will:

  • Introduce asset level sustainability programmes to improve energy, water, waste and carbon
    performance for all commercial value add and opportunistic development assets
  • Ensure scenario-based climate risk assessments are completed and adaption measures (to address
    climate resilience) incorporated into asset level plans from 2023.
  • Establish refurbishment specifications to ensure the following are considered within all
    refurbishment projects;
    • Introduction of net zero carbon plans
    • Energy efficiency
    • Targeting EPC B rating as a minimum (where relevant)
    • Material sources
    • Water efficiency
    • Waste management and the circular economy
    • Biodiversity and habitat
  • Implement policies and procedures to maintain its commitment to prevent pollution
  • Deliver training to staff and ensure suppliers are suitably qualified 
  • Assess opportunities to install renewable energy on all assets under management, and implement, where feasible
  • Seek to introduce green clauses into all commercial leases 
  • Where feasible and applicable, incorporate community engagement programmes and evaluate
    opportunities to measure social value contribution by 2024
  • Focus on improving the quality of livelihoods for the people that occupy, use and visit our assets.


To achieve, the above, SFO has established a environmental and social management system – aligned to the principles of ISO 14001, the international standard for environmental management, and expanded to consider social issues. In summary, risks and opportunities are assessed during due diligence. If acquisition progresses, information is used to inform development of an asset level environmental and social action plan. Each action plan focuses on progress of commitments identified above and identifies actions required to be delivered, responsibilities, timescales and relevant key performance indicators. Progress is monitored, together with material risks. As a minimum monitoring will consider:

  • EPC rating
  • Energy Performance
  • Greenhouse gas emissions
  • Water consumption
  • Waste Management

The environmental and social management system, in place at SFO Capital for real estate activities is designed to ensure continual improvement.


From 2023, SFO will report on progress against commitments annually.
This policy is publicly available.