Investment Strategies

Our investment strategies and philosophy stem from a top down conviction in markets, assets and value creation potential supported by in-house research and deep local market expertise. With a combined real estate investment experience of $25 billion, we are focused on three core strategies:


Our investments across the residential sector target liquid growth markets with defensive characteristics, favorable employment base and strong population growth.

We pursue acquisitions that offer investors stable cash flows and the opportunity to capture operational upside in undersupplied markets with high barriers to entry.

We focus on creating value through active asset and property management as well as a hands-on capital improvement strategy.

Our value-add top down approach targets markets, prime locations and assets benefiting from strong value drivers such as supportive vacancy dynamics, tight supply, and capital-starved assets ripe for repositioning.

We source and acquire commercial real estate with a primary focus on office assets.

Our strategy is based on unlocking value through best-in-class asset management as well as major capital improvement works, allowing us to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns to our investors.

Our deep-rooted development capabilities as well as our superior access to opportunities in targeted liquid markets allow us to be best positioned to unlock and deliver the full potential of a project by managing the permitting, construction, leasing and sale.

We source and acquire land or existing assets in need of heavy refurbishment, with a focus on the office and residential sectors.

Our strategy is based on entering projects on a defensive basis, meticulously driving the development process by collaborating closely with best-in-class service providers, partners and contractors to deliver superior-quality assets meeting the growing demand.