07 Jul 2020

SFO Group is proud to announce that Cosmos Yopougon, the leading shopping centre in Côte d’Ivoire, has been awarded the EDGE green building certification by the World Bank’s IFC, making it the first internationally recognized green commercial building in Francophone West Africa with achievements in the following areas: 29% energy savings, 41% water savings and 44% less embodied energy in materials. This confirms Cosmos’s position as one of the most efficient shopping centres in Sub-Saharan Africa.

SFO launched the development of Cosmos in 2016, with the mall opening its doors to visitors two years later. Anchored by French retailer Carrefour, and home to many other international and local brands, Cosmos has welcomed more than 5 million visitors since its inauguration in 2018.

Commenting on the milestone, Mohamad Abouchalbak, CEO of SFO, said: “This award emphasizes our ongoing commitment to responsible investing. In addition to the EDGE green building certification, Cosmos has had long-lasting positive social and economic impact on the surrounding communities since its launch, creating jobs and promoting sustainable growth. Furthermore, during the COVID-19 pandemic, Cosmos has continued to play this role by making donations and contributions to local authorities and communities to provide much needed protective kits and food supplies.”

About SFO Group

SFO is a London-based global real estate investor and manager with presence in Paris, Miami and Beirut. SFO focuses on investment opportunities which offer superior risk-adjusted returns and invests in high-quality assets, acquired at attractive valuations, with a clear path to value creation. SFO adopts disciplined investment strategies organized by asset classes and geographies. As of July 2020, SFO has acquired a diversified portfolio comprising more than USD1.2 billion in assets located primarily in the USA and Europe, including 4,500 apartments and more than 4.8 million sqft of commercial real estate under management.